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General Regulations regarding applications to EFSD Programmes

Unless specified otherwise, EFSD grant programmes are only open to applicants from Europe and associated countries. For fellowships, please check individual programme details.

Applicants to all EFSD programmes must be paid-up members of EASD. For further information, please contact Applicants to EFSD collaborative programmes with non-European countries are exempt from this regulation.

Application forms vary for each Programme and for each year. You therefore need to download a new form for every application you make.

Investigators may only hold a single EFSD award at any given time. However, recipients of an EFSD award may apply for new funding to the same or to another EFSD programme on condition that the current award is nearing completion. In this case, the new award will not be activated until the existing project has been terminated and a scientific report received. The EFSD Rising Star Fellowship Programme, EFSD Future Leaders Mentorship Programme for Clinical Diabetologists and EFSD Albert Renold Travel Fellowship Programme are exempt from this regulation.

As investigators may not hold more than one EFSD grant at a time, this may create a problem when a second investigator wishes to apply for EFSD support from within an institution or study group which already holds an active EFSD grant. Such applications will only be considered if the principal investigator named on the second grant can provide clear evidence that he or she is a fully independent researcher. To demonstrate such independence, the PI is required to provide a statement co-signed by the existing grant holder which confirms that (a) the PI on the current application will appear either as first or last author on any publications arising from the work that may be funded by EFSD, and (b) that the existing grant holder will NOT feature as first or last author on any such publications. This undertaking is included in the programme application form, and must be submitted with the application. Any breach of the above publication rule may lead to immediate withdrawal of EFSD funding to both applicants.

Please note that applications for renewed/continued funding of an existing grant will be considered as a new application ("competitive renewal"). Further information and instructions for competitive renewal may be found in the application form.

All funded principal investigators are required to submit a scientific report at the end of the project period. For those projects where funding is distributed over a period of more than one year, interim progress reports will also be required. Such reports will be subject to assessment prior to the release of any further funds.

Grant/Fellowship activation documents must be returned to the EFSD Office within six months from the date of the EFSD award confirmation letter. In exceptional cases this time period may be extended a further six months, with the prior permission of the EFSD Office. Any funding which has not been activated within twelve months of the award date will be automatically withdrawn.

Kindly refer to individual RFAs for specific programme regulations. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the EFSD office at

EFSD - Funding Diabetes Research

Information for potential grant applicants

EFSD continuously strives to offer funding streams that are well suited to today’s research needs and that attract the very best grant applications to move the field forward.

This brochure is designed to encourage you to apply for funding and to help you put together the best possible application: we hope you will find it interesting and helpful!

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